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Recent Sermons



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19 March 2017

Jesus and a thirsty world

Exodus 17.1-7, John 4.5-42

02 April 2017

Some thoughts on prayers of intercession John 11.1-45

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23 April 2017

A saint for the 21st century?

John 20.19-31

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28 May 2017

Responding to the ascension

John 17.1-11, Acts 1.6-14

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04 June 2017

I will pour out my Spirit

John 7.37-39, Acts 2.1-21

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02 July 2017

Welcoming the prophet

Jer 28.5-9, Matthew 10.40-42

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09 July 2017

The surprising wisdom of God

Zechariah 9.9-12,
Matthew 11.16-19, 25-30

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16 July 2017

Fertile soil? Isaiah 55.10-13

Matthew 13.1-9, 18-23

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03 September 2017

The demands of discipleship

Matthew 16.21-28,
Romans 12.9-21

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10 September 2017

In it together

Matthew 18.15-20,
Romans 13.8-14

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In the table below you will find the texts of sermons preached recently at Trinity Church by Paul Martin. The pdf files will open in a new window and you will be able to download them from the new window if you would like to.

Please note that during Paul Martin’s sabbatical in the Autumn of 2017, no sermons will be published.

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